Drive safely this winter season with the right wiper blades

On a typical summer day, the standard windshield wipers will get the job done. However, once winter touches Milwaukee, specially designed windshield wipers are more than a must!

Here are a few reasons why regular wipers are not good to use. Often the weight of snow bends wipers. This weight sometimes stops their ability to function properly and completely touch the windshield to wipe the glass. Even if it were able to touch, the rubber becomes stiff tearing and leaving streaks preventing visibility. Seeing through the windshield is quite vital to driving. Another issue with traditional wipers is the metal frame. It can easily clog with heavy snow, reducing mobility.

At Umansky Motor Cars, we recommend using winter wipers as they have a special rubber coating. This coating keeps the rubber from stiffening. They also use a reinforced metal frame capable of withstanding the weight of heavy snow. Come on by and visit our parts center whenever you have some free time and we'll outfit you with a new set immediately.

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