Clearing the Definitions About Four-Wheel-Drive and All-Wheel Drive Technology

The misconceptions about four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive drivetrains evolved from the fact that many people thought that the two definitions were just describing one thing. While it is true that both technologies cause the four wheels of a vehicle to be empowered in order to create more road surface traction, the similarities stop there.

Four-wheel-drive is a familiar term for most people as it has been available to the general public for quite some time. It utilizes a lower gear ration and a split differential to give positive traction to all four wheels of a vehicle. This technology is mostly found in pickup trucks and certain larger off-road SUVs. Four-wheel-drive vehicles are primarily used for off-road and rough terrain excursions.

The all-wheel-drive vehicles consist of sedans, high-performance cars, and crossover vehicles. It uses a uniform power distribution for each wheel with an allowance for uncertain road conditions. All-wheel-drive configurations do an excellent job of navigating poor road conditions such as rainy and wet surfaces, snow, and ice.

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