Install a set of winter wiper blades and drive safely this season

Once the warm weather is gone and winter sets in, you will wish you had changed the wiper blades on your car. Here are a few reasons to buy winter wiper blades this season.

The winter wiper blades come with a unique rubber sleeve that protects all the moving parts of the wipers. That eliminates the chance of ice and snow getting trapped in the framework and interrupting how the blades are to flex and conform to the shape of the glass while keeping it clear.

Heavy snow can be a big problem for regular wiper blades, but winter wiper blades are made of a more durable metal that easily pushes away the weight of the snow without it causing the arms to bend and impact the clear field of vision.

Take a drive to Umansky Motor Cars so our crew can replace your old wipers with new winter wiper blades.

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