Why Servicing Your Vehicle with Umansky Motor Cars is the Best Local Choice

There are many options of car service in Milwaukee, which is a crucial part of car maintenance. You may have heard a referral from a friend or made a list from the internet. But why should you choose the service staff here at Umansky Motor Cars, among all others?

  • We have access to the best OEM recalls and parts, which our work is covered by your warranty.
  • As you wait for the repairs, we have a comfortable waiting area to take advantage of.
  • We are customer-centric and strive to offer impeccable client service.
  • We train our technicians and well versed with the factory. They can access all parts to make sure the job is done well.
  • We can recall information faster than independent shops.
  • We are well equipped to handle extensive work with our large workforce of technicians and more lifts.

Make an appointment with our mechanics today, especially if you are in greater Milwaukee area. We will take care of all your maintenance needs at 1400 W Silver Spring Drive!

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