Bring Your Vehicle in For a Seasonal Maintenance Appointment Today for Optimized Performance in Winter Weather

The temperature is now below freezing and the snow is upon us, winter is here once again. To ensure that your safety and that your vehicle is operating at its best, it is important to make sure your vehicle is winter ready. Here are some tips to make sure your vehicle is ready for the winter season:

  • Change Filter- to make sure your vehicle is operating at its finest make sure your air, oil, and cabin filters are cleaned and replaced if dirty. Cold weather can make existing problems worse and you don’t want a vehicle failure due to a dirty filter.
  • Exhaust System- make sure your exhaust system is functioning properly and there are no leaks. When driving in cold weather most drivers have their windows closed so if your exhaust is leaking the deadly carbon monoxide can leak through holes in the trunk or floorboards.
  • Emergency Supplies- Make sure you are ready for any roadside emergencies. Have gloves, boots, shovel, kitty litter, tire chains, flares, and a flashlight to help you through a winter emergency.

At Umansky Motor Cars, we know that making sure your vehicle is ready for winter is important and we welcome you to come in and have your vehicle checked to make sure it is ready for the unpredictable Wisconsin weather ahead!

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